3 Reasons To Update Your Brand


Your brand is a reflection of your organization’s values and identity.

Over time, you may need to realign how this looks and feels to remain consistent with your vision. A rebrand, or brand refresh, offers you an opportunity to revisit what the most important aspects of your culture, company and voice are, and update their look and feel.

  1. Your logo is outdated. Having a visually appealing logo that represents your brand fully is extremely important. Think of your logo as your audience’s first impression of who your brand is. Like the saying goes, “First impressions count, so make yours a good one!” A brand refresh allows you to completely revamp your logo so that it accurately portrays your brand.
  2. You’ve had a strategic shift. There’s a saying that “change is the only constant.” Change is inevitable to any organization and your branding should change with it! Shifts in your organization can come from many different angles: your mission, your organizational culture, your services, audience, etc. It’s important to recognize when your branding does not relate to your ideal audience. A rebrand can help you to become more relevant to your audience and engage a new one. When there is a change in your mission, a re-brand helps create powerful imagery and content around your new mission that accurately portrays your story.
  3. You want better recognition. You know your story is powerful. You know your brand is great. But, why doesn’t anyone else see that? A rebrand process can help build strong components you need to become recognizable in your field. Everything from your messaging and content, to the colors in your branding palette can help drive recognition and make your brand a powerhouse in your market.


Whether you are looking to update your current brand or simply refresh your organization’s look, Redstart can help.

We offer two different options to help you freshen up your brand. Our Freshstart Branding packages provide you with a unique story about your organization to use on marketing pieces and provide a consistent voice, as well as a new website and logo. Check out our Freshstart Branding Packages here.