3 Tips To Make Your Website Better


Your website is, many times, the first impression your audience has of your agency. Having a fully-functioning, well-designed website is extremely important. Your goal should be to create delight for users who visit your website! Delighting with an easy-to-use and accessible website is key to building a community and increasing your number of members, donors, or advocates. Here are a few quick tips to getting started down that path:

1.Streamline your content. Check your Google analytics to figure out which pages your users visit the most. Which pages do your visitors spend the most time on, and which do they tend to not click on? Prioritize those pages that are performing best in your navigation, consider getting rid of the rest and combining pages together if possible.


  1. Use your homepage to funnel traffic to core content.

Make sure your homepage highlights paths for your key audiences and can easily direct them to the main focal points of your site. Why do visitors come to your site? Promote content that addresses those reasons on your homepage.


  1. Provide onward paths for your users. With search engines, many users are actually entering your site on pages other than the homepage. Keeping that in mind, make sure that you are providing onward paths from every high-trafficked page. This means that you should be offering quick links to allow users to easily take actions (the next steps) that you want them to from those various landing pages.


Even if you don’t have the budget for a full website re-design, you can take these small steps to optimize your website better for your visitors. What problems are you having with your website? Contact us today and see how we can help.