3 Types of Visual Content You Should Be Sharing to Increase Year-End Fundraising

3 types of visual content you should be sharing to increase year-end fundraising


Digital marketing is an efficient way for those in the nonprofit sector to grow awareness for their organization and expand their network. Social media can help you increase donors, retain your existing database and share the story of your organization with a global audience. Here at Redstart, we are often asked how to stand out and keep people from scrolling past your post. Today, we are sharing 3 types of visual content you should be sharing to grow awareness for your organization and increase year-end fundraising.



Did you know that photos of people perform higher on social media than any other type of image? Images evoke our emotions and set the stage for storytelling. An interesting photograph will grab people’s attention as they are scrolling through their social media feeds. Your images don’t have to be National Geographic caliber. They just need to be in focus and show the faces of the people who are doing good work and the people they are serving. You can use apps on your phone to create a consistent look and crop out any unwanted background elements. Also, mix your candid photos of events with some professional photos of your staff and volunteers. 



Infographics capture people’s attention by allowing you to present facts and data about the work that you do in easy to consume visual bites. Numbers hold people’s attention and help create awareness by adding detail and credibility to the work your organization is doing. Pair a well-written storytelling blog with an infographic that shows how donations impacted the end result. Consider hiring a graphic designer to create several infographics that you can use throughout the year, or you can create your own with free software like Canva.


According to Hubspot, 68% of consumers prefer to learn through short videos. The ease of creating video on platforms like Instagram has made video-sharing part of their app with stories and IGTV. Instagram reports that 40% of users view stories over posts. These videos can be highly productive pieces of content that share your mission, a quick glimpse of an event, an interview with staff or people you help, or all of the above. The possibilities are endless, and the engagement is guaranteed to grow your reach.


If you would like help creating digital content that grows awareness and support for your organization Redstart Creative would love to help.