4 Key Steps To Making Your Fall Direct Mail Stand Out


We may be in the thick of summer, but your organization should already be thinking about creating your fall direct mail fundraising piece. Fall is the time when the giving season is ramping up, so you want to ensure that your fundraising efforts are ramping up, as well. Here are some key steps to ensure that you are engaging and inspiring your donors to act:


  1. Clear and cohesive design. Sending out stellar print designs to your donor base should be a no-brainer. You want every fundraising piece that you send to your audience to be on point with your branding and your brand’s message, and a cohesive design is the best way to do that.
  2. Tell your story. The content is essential to whether your donor will act or not. By telling a powerful story, readers will not only remember what you had to say, they will be more inclined to take action and tell their friends and family about your mission.
  3. Personalization. A personalized direct mail piece is much more likely to grab their attention. A study by Infosys found that ‘86 percent of consumers say personalization plays a role in their purchasing decisions.’ Instead of opening up your direct mail piece with a ‘Dear Sir/Madam,’ use first names to catch your reader’s attention right off the bat.
  4. Create a compelling headline. Your content helps your readers stay interested, but your headline grabs their interest. Your headline should be short, yet powerful. It should communicate your direct mail’s main concern and most importantly, it should make them want to continue reading.

We understand that creating fall direct mail fundraising can be time-consuming, so we’d like to help. Contact us here for more information.