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4 Key Takeaways From #BeingBoss NOLA


I had the exciting opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the second year in the row to experience #BeingBoss NOLA, a weekend retreat hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss. The retreat was filled with fun, food and masterminding with other creative entrepreneurs. I wanted to share my key takeaways from the event that I feel are so important for women entrepreneurs and business owners to embrace:


  1. Mark the close of a chapter. When you are getting ready to start something new, do something to mark the close of a chapter. As 2018 closes out, we at Redstart Creative are also closing out Redstart 1.0 and starting 2019 as Redstart 2.0!


  1. Celebrate both big and small wins. It’s so important to not only celebrate the big wins, but also the small ones. Some weeks, that small win could be that you managed to hit inbox zero and some weeks it could be landing a big client or winning a big grant. No matter how large, all wins should be celebrate, because you rock!


  1. Identify what wins will boost your confidence. When you are having a tough time, whether it’s in your work or your life, identify what type of a win would boost your confidence. As business owners, we are constantly on the move and sometimes don’t stop and savor the moments where we accomplished something important or jumped over a hurdle we had been facing. Build yourself up!


  1. Your time is a resource just like money. Treat it that way. As you are spending a lot of your free time on work that you’re doing, ask yourself: would you so freely give your money away as well? Probably not! Treating your time like money helps you prioritize and balance your work and life better.

As a woman in business, it’s always helpful to connect and collaborate with other amazing women entrepreneurs doing great things, which is why participating in a retreat like Being Boss NOLA was such a great opportunity for me! What do you do for yourself that supports your business, as well as your life? Email us here and let us know.

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