4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing


There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing an organization successfully. While you may already have a marketing department, there are many things that may go missed or underutilized if the proper time cannot be given to them. Many times there are simply other priorities that cause blogging, social media, and email marketing to take a back seat. It’s important to know that these things are integral parts to any organization’s marketing strategy. One way to ease the burden on your team while successfully marketing your organization on all available outlets is to outsource. Here are four reasons why you should consider outsourcing your marketing:


  1. Talent. By outsourcing, you are receiving a team of experts who each specialize in specific areas in marketing. One person is not trying to wear all the hats, which means you will get the best work and outcomes from your outsourced team.
  2. Budget. When outsourcing your marketing, you can adjust the scope of work as needed. There is no need to pay a salary, benefits or taxes to an employee: you pay for exactly what you get! This means you will be able to save costs and re-delegate those savings to other priorities.
  3. Deliverables. You have specific deliverables within a set scope when you outsource your marketing. Each month, you receive these deliverables which are built upon the following month. This means that you have visible results for the work you are paying for on a month-to-month basis.
  4. Strategy. With an outsourced digital marketing team, you are getting higher-level strategy sessions that look at the bigger picture. It enables you to set measurable goals, plan for the future, and review what’s working.


Redstart Creative offers monthly packages to support your print and digital marketing. Are your emails, blogs and social media posts taking a back seat to other priorities? Looking for a digital strategist to guide your content, run ads and review your analytics? Need help creating new content to drive people to your website? We can help support your Digital Marketing efforts with strategic guidance, content, web maintenance, website edits and analytics.


In addition, we can support your print communications to your donors. Annual Report and Direct Mail Campaigns are perfect complements to digital communications.

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