4 Reasons Your Organization Should Review Their Branding

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Your branding is a representation of your organization. It is how you define what your organization stands for (ie, who you are), what your values are (ie, what you do) and what your mission is (ie, why you matter). Because it often provides your audience with its first impression, it is critical to ensure that your branding offers an accurate, consistent portrayal of your organization.


   It is important to note that, as your organization changes, your brand identity can (and should) change over time as well. There are several key turning points that your organization may encounter that could cause you to take a look at your branding. When these important moments occur within your organization, you should consider if and how the change affects your messaging — and if it does, it might be time for a brand refresh. Here are a few situations where you should evaluate your branding:


  • A milestone. Whether you’ve launched a new program or hit a fundraising campaign goal, milestones should be celebrated and reflected on. View your milestones as an opportunity to increase visibility for your organization. With any big milestone, you should take a look at your branding and messaging and see if it reflects your successes.


  • An anniversary. Celebrating your organization making an impact for 5, 10, 20 etc., number of years is a big deal, and should be treated as such. An anniversary is a chance to communicate to your audience, as well as your staff, board members, etc., the goals that you’ve been proud to accomplish throughout the years. Your branding can be refreshed to communicate your longevity!


  • A cultural shift. One of the largest reasons that you should consider reviewing and updating your branding is if your organization experiences a cultural shift, or if your mission has evolved. When your organization’s values and mission shifts in a different direction, you want your messaging  to communicate that. Change is good, but you want your branding to change along with it.


  • A change in services. Have you recently come out of a strategic plan? Have you expanded, refined or shifted your services? Take time to review your brand in light of any new directional changes.


Whether you are looking to update your current brand or simply refresh your organization’s look, Redstart can help.


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