4 Tips To Creating Recurring Donations With Monthly Giving

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By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative

How do you go about adding a double ask to your giving page? Is your cause is even suited for a monthly donation? Making the switch from one-time to monthly donations is the key to creating a solid, strong foundation of donors who will grow with you and your cause. No matter what your mission is, monthly donations will benefit your nonprofit, ultimately helping you to grow.


Implementing a monthly donation program simplifies the process for your donors. Your donors do not have to re-input their information whenever they want to donate; they only go through the process one time. Automation is key when it comes to acquiring donations and monthly giving can help to almost fully automate your system.


With an increased recurring donor base, you expand your reach to share your story. Also, recurring donors are more likely to volunteer, so the relationship will deepen. Monthly giving benefits you and your donors.


Now that you’ve decided that a monthly giving program will be beneficial for you, here are 4 tips to help you streamline the process:


  1. Different donation levels. Allow for different sponsorship levels. Whether small or large, there is a place for every donation size and every potential donor in your nonprofit. Explain what each level funds for your cause. Example:
  • $30: Feeds 1 child for a month and provides medical support
  • $60: Feeds 2 children for a month and provides medical support

Also, you should allow your donors to change their monthly giving

amounts when needed. This allows for flexibility when it comes to

your donors’ budget and needs.

  1. Ask for upgrades. Once you establish a relationship with your donors, you are able to inquire about upgrading their sponsorship to a higher level. It’s important to note that the bulk of communication with your donors should not be asking them to donate more. Inquiring about upgrades should be requested periodically, after many messages about your nonprofit’s accomplishments and many thanks for their previous donations.
  2. Make them feel special. The key to a successful monthly giving program is to make your donors feel like they’re a part of the club. There are several different ways you can achieve this:
  • Create a welcome kit that is sent to them via direct mail or email after they sign up.
  • Send out a personalized thank you card or email.
  • Use specialized language when referring to your donors (ex: club member, partner).
  1. Target correctly. The key to turning one-time donors into monthly donors is to target potential donors correctly. When examining your list, choose donors who give more often than others. One-time donors may not be right for your monthly program. Also look for those who have donated large amounts from time-to-time. They might be able to better commit to a recurring donor program more so than those who have given small amounts.


As you begin, target with direct mail and email campaigns. When used together, these options are extremely effective at getting your message across to your potential donors.


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