4 tips to building a successful e-newsletter template


In a digital world that is ruled by social media, the importance of an email newsletter should not be overlooked. While social media and other forms of marketing are part of a digital marketing strategy, your list is the only thing you truly “own” online. If Facebook and Twitter disappeared tomorrow, what would you be left with? Your list.


When you are communicating with your list through email, make sure to be effective and efficient. A well designed e-newsletter template will help you get the information to your audience in a simple, easy way.


Here are some of our favorite tips for creating a successful e-newsletter template:


  1. Keep it short and sweet. To avoid overwhelming with content, put the first few sentences of each article in the e-newsletter and then link to a blog on your website for the rest. This will make the newsletter look more approachable to read, provide you with great content on your site and direct more traffic to your website!
  2. Eliminate the sidebar. The majority of people are reading emails on cell phones and mobile. Doing this will stack sidebars in odd ways that mess up formatting. Instead, create a mobile friendly single column layout. You can add your side bar type content in a block on the bottom for attention.
  3. Adjust your font. Make sure that the font you are using throughout the newsletter is easy-to-read. Consider using Arial, Helvetica, or the default that your email program uses.
  4. Keep your text black. While you may enjoy using a variety of colors to spice up headers and information, it’s best to use only black text throughout your newsletter. This ensures that it is easy to read for all viewers.

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