4 Tips To Recording Your First Facebook Live Video


As some of you may know, Redstart has recently started a Facebook Live series on Tuesdays when team members discuss different topics and tips for online marketing. Now that we’re in the thick of our series, we have some key takeaways to give you if you’ve been thinking about doing your own Facebook live.


  1. Just do it. It sounds simple, but to those who are nervous about the idea of being live on Facebook, it’s anything but simple! With that being said, get your first Facebook live video under your belt. It’s okay to make mistakes, mess up, stutter, etc on your first live video. Once it’s over, you don’t have to publish it to your timeline if you really don’t like it. Chances are, you’ll do better than you think and will have added confidence for live videos in the future!
  2.  Give your audience time. When you first begin your live video, you may notice just a few people jumping on right away. This is because it takes Facebook a minute to push the live notification out to your followers and to the “live” page. Give your followers a chance to get to your video! Spend the first few minutes introducing yourself and welcoming viewers to the video.
  3. Speak up. Make sure you have the basics of video-recording down. Speak up and speak clearly! Make sure your lighting is good and that you’re clearly visible when recording.
  4. Think about your background.  Natural lighting from the sun looks best on live video. Don’t be afraid to record where you feel the most comfortable: outside, on the couch, at your desk, etc. Also, make sure you plan where you’re going to place your phone or iPad when recording. The surface should be steady and you should be clearly visible on the screen. Consider purchasing a small tripod to hold your phone.
  5. Be real. The main thing to remember on live video is that your followers want to see the real, unscripted you. Whether that’s a behind-the-scenes look at how your nonprofit or businesses runs or a real-talk discussion, don’t forget that it’s okay to not be perfect when it comes to live video. Be yourself. (Just make sure you don’t have food in your teeth and you’ll be great.) Happy Recording!