4 Ways To Create Effective Emails For Your Spring Appeal


By: Rebecca Teaff and Julia Archer

Spring is officially here and with it comes a new batch of appeals to your non-profit’s audience. Most likely, part of your Spring appeal will involve sending out an email campaign to your potential donors. Here’s how to make the most of your email campaigns this Spring:

  1. Be proactive. When it comes to emailing your list, it doesn’t matter how big it is if the majority of those on the list are inactive. Make a point to proactively manage your list for those who are not opening your emails. Also, consider segmenting your email list to really nail down who your email campaigns are going to. Here’s an example of some segments you may want to create:
    1. Board members
    2. Potential donors
    3. Those who have donated in the past
    4. Volunteers
  2. Testing 1 2 3. When it comes to email campaigns, the key is to test, test, test! Create similar campaigns that are slightly different in some aspects. For instance: create three different variations of a call-to-action and see which one performs the best. Does your audience respond better to images or text? Do they prefer long-form or short-form emails?
  3. Drive open rates. If your audience isn’t opening your emails, it doesn’t matter what your content is! Experiment with intriguing subject lines and create a sense of urgency or mystery with them. Examples:
    1. URGENT: Deadline Approaching
    2. What are you waiting for?
    3. It’s time to act. Are you in?
  4. Optimize. Over 60% of emails are now opened on a mobile device.
    In fact, more than 80% of recipients will delete an email if it isn’t optimized for mobile! Do not give your donors the opportunity to ignore you. Ensure your emails are viewed correctly on all devices. Make sure to test on iPhone, Android and iPads before sending!

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