4 Ways To Reach Your End-Of-Year Fundraising Goals


Did you know nearly one-third (31%) of annual giving happens in just one month, December? November and December are the holiday season and also the season where people feel motivated the most to give back to their community and organizations that they feel connected to.


Even though Giving Tuesday is quickly approaching, your organization’s eyes should also be on next month, specifically the last few days of the year. In fact, 12% of all giving happens in just the last three days of the year!


To make sure you maximize your efforts in November and December, here’s 4 ways to amplify your fundraising efforts so you can reach your end-of-year fundraising goals:


  1. Tap into your largest social ambassadors. Who are the people who engage with you the most on social media? Those people can be your biggest social advocates and can be extremely helpful to spreading the word about your organization. Connect with them and share how they can help.
  2. Use your employees. So many organizations do not use employee engagement to their advantage. An organization’s employees can be powerful advocates to its cause and mission. Keep your employees in the know about goals and fundraising efforts. Provide them with a variety of ways they can help, and consider providing incentives for doing so!
  3. Offer matching gifts. Matching gifts allow corporations to match their employees donations to nonprofits. Offering this feature provides employees of corporations extra incentive to donate because they know their gift will go further. Because the timeline on matching gifts ends at the end of the year, advertising this option creates a sense of urgency in donors.
  4. Offer multiple ways to make a donation. People love ease of service and by offering several different ways to make a donation, you give your audience greater opportunity and incentive to donate. For example, consider adding mobile giving to your strategy, which allows donors to give by simply texting a word.


By incorporating a few simple strategies into your end-of-year fundraising efforts, you can ensure that you’re doing all that you can to maximize the donations your organization can receive during these critical giving season months. Do you need help in 2019 supporting your organization’s fundraising efforts?

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