5 Benefits Of Having A Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

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It’s no secret that well-executed marketing has the power to transform your organization’s fundraising efforts for the better. Marketing has the ability to connect your organization to an audience you may not be reaching, as well as empower the supporters you already have in a new, invigorating way. Here are some of the top benefits that your organization will enjoy with a comprehensive marketing strategy that incorporates both print and digital:


  1. Consistent content uploaded to your website.  Having curated, consistent content uploaded to your website not only keeps your website fresh and current, it increases your site’s visibility. Click here to learn how to easily create content for your website.
  2. Integration of your print fundraising materials with your digital strategy. Having consistent messaging across all media is strengthens your organization’s message. Using both print and digital marketing allows you to integrate appeals, annual reports, and more into your overall marketing strategy.
  3. A monthly report. Being able to review and evaluate how your marketing efforts are working is useful in deciding next steps. Make it a habit to review your analytics each month(Google, social media etc.). You’ll be able to see firsthand how the work is performing with stats, top posts, demographics, recommendations and much more.
  4. A digital strategy. You should be posting consistently on social media, and you need to have a strategy behind it. Each month, you should plan the next month in advance, with content categories and focus points.
  5. A monthly e-newsletter. In addition to print and social media, sending out a monthly e-newsletter provides one more touch with your supporters. Each month, your audience should be receiving an email filled with news, events and blog posts to keep them in the know.

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