5 content strategy considerations for website projects

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Having a content strategy for website projects can ensure a better way of getting content planned, produced and published .We need to put content at the top of the agenda from the get-go and ask questions early on in the project to make sure you don’t get to the stage of building the website and realizing there is no content.

Gather Content: 5 content strategy considerations for website projects

Website content is a stumbling block that can cause delays when building a new website or redesigning an existing website. Developing quality content takes time and many organizations underestimate the amount of time needed to revise existing content or develop new content. Whether you are just starting to consider revamping your web presence or you’ve already started, it may be a good idea to take stock and plan for the time and effort it will take to prepare the content for your project. The good folks at Gather Content have developed an excellent list of considerations for creating the content for your digital publishing project. Please click through and start planning ahead so that you can plan a launch date with confidence.