5 Ways Women In Business Can Gain Support Through Outsourcing


As a woman entrepreneur, you know firsthand how much hard work and effort it takes to run and grow a business. Your superhero-like efforts have gotten you to a place where your business is really successful! So successful, in fact, that you may be feeling overwhelmed with juggling all of the roles and requirements. Hey, even Batman had Robin!

Spreading yourself too thin can lead to stress and multi-tasking. This makes it hard to focus on all the moving parts of your business. That means that clients, or sales (or your time!) may not be reaching full potential because of your superhero tendencies to feel like you need to do #allthethings.

That’s where outsourcing comes in. Outsourcing can save you energy, money, headaches and, most importantly, time. Here are some things that you can outsource as a woman in business:

  1. CFO Services. Did you know that you can actually outsource an entire position? Here at Redstart, we love our outsourced Chief Financial Officer, Kesha Jones, who provides us with forecasting and financial reporting without the overhead of having to bring on a full-time employee.
  2. Digital Marketing. Having an outsourced digital marketing team on your side helps you ensure that you are reaching your ideal audience and converting that audience to sales (or clients). Whether that means ensuring your website is updated with new content on a frequent basis or making sure your social media is engaging, it’s important that all marketing efforts are covered.
  3. Website design. With so many DIY website tools out there, you might not understand why you need to outsource website design to a team. Having a team of people who know websites inside and out ensures your SEO, user experience, branding and functionality will be on point.
  4. Admin work. Eliminating everyday, small tasks that usually eat up several hours of your day is a massive time saver when you are a woman in business. Administrative work is an easy thing to outsource! You can work with virtual assistant firms like Meg K the VA and She Can Coterie.
  5. Design. Your branding is most likely your potential customer’s first impression of your business. Branding that is cohesive and well done is essential to making a good impression.

Here at Redstart, we help businesses and organizations thrive by creating clear communications through marketing. Whether you are looking to outsource graphic design work, social media, or want a website redesign, we are here to help so you can continue being a superhero woman entrepreneur! Contact us to see how we can help.