5 Ways Your Business Can Change With The Season


Fall is officially underway here in Baltimore! The weather is cooling down, leaves are beginning to fall, and Hocus Pocus is on TV. The change of the seasons has us thinking about change and how change can be good for businesses. In fact, here at Redstart, we’ve been undergoing exciting growth, with the addition of new packages, offerings and team roles. We hope to finish out Quarter 4 as Redstart 2.0!


Here are five ways your business can change (for the better) with the season:


  1. Adapt. Being prepared to adapt is one of the most important parts of being a business owner. Innovation is constantly happening in every industry, and being able to adapt your business along with those changing will prove to be necessary.
  2. Delegate. We all think we can do it all, but the reality is if you want to grow a successful business, you have to delegate. Make an effort to delegate more and take some tasks off your plate that you don’t necessarily have to be completing. (see are blog here on outsourcing support)
  3. Find and grow the right team. Your business is only as good as your worst employee. Therefore you need to cultivate a strong team. Your team is the foundation of your business, so grow it in a way that is structured and fills in all of the gaps in your business.
  4. Improve your systems. Being able to streamline your business’ systems is key to your sanity. Get to a place where your client on-boarding, your content creation, your email funnels, are down to a science.
  5. Take a break. If your work ethic is ‘work work work, then work some more,’ maybe this is where you need to focus your energy this fall season and change a bit. Take a break, slow down, and do some big-picture planning and strategizing. Your business will thank you for it.


If you’re looking for additional support for your team, looking to delegate marketing, and would like the opportunity to partner with Redstart, let’s chat. Let us know how we can support you in making changes this season!