6 Reasons To Use WordPress For Your Website


It’s no secret that here at Redstart we sing WordPress’ praises high and loud. When it comes to website design, WordPress is our go-to for all projects that we work on. In fact, WordPress is used by over 74 million sites, so we’re not alone in that thought! You may be familiar with “drag-and-drop” websites, such as Squarespace and Wix. You may think that these websites are the better choice because they’re easy to operate and create. However, there are many drawbacks to choosing a website platform like Squarespace over a CMS (content management system) like WordPress. Here’s why we love WordPress (and why you should too!)

    1. It’s free. Who doesn’t love free? To create a site on WordPress, it will always be free. Sites like Squarespace and Wix charge monthly or yearly fees to use their platforms, but not with WordPress.


    1. It’s open source. The great thing about WordPress being open source is that there are many professional plug-ins that have been coded for wordpress. Less custom coding time equals less cost. Also you or your web designer have the ability to go in and change or alter the source code to improve your site.


    1. SEO friendly. Drag-and-drop sites are notoriously bad for SEO, but thankfully WordPress isn’t! Since WordPress’ framework is easy to crawl, search engines like Google actually prefer your site to be hosted through WordPress, making you appear more often and higher in search than sites created by drag-and-drop builders. (Dominic do you want to insert more?)


    1. The possibilities are endless. With WordPress, there’s really no limit to the design and customization of your site. With thousands of custom templates to choose from or the creative musings of an experienced website designer at your service, the possibilities are endless!


    1. User-friendly. Even though WordPress is not technically a drag-and-drop site, it is still extremely easy to use and make edits as needed. You don’t have to worry about calling your website designer every time you want to add a blog post or an event, you’ll be able to take care of it yourself, should you wish!


  1. Mobile responsive. It’s no secret that the majority of websites are now being viewed on mobile phones, so the importance of a mobile-friendly website is astronomical. WordPress is extremely mobile responsive and most pre-made themes are already created with that in mind.

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