6 Ways To Grow Your Non-Profit's Email List

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nonprofitemailBLOG (3)By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative 

As a non-profit, you are consistently relying on donors to support your cause. Donor acquisition is done in a variety of ways, but email marketing is a large piece of the puzzle in acquiring and maintaining donors. You may be seeing a lull in new subscribers and may not be sure what can be done to increase the number of potential donors on your list.


Here are 6 ways to grow your email list without being salesy:

  1. Make your eNewsletter shareable. In each email, you should include social sharing buttons that make it easy for those who love your newsletter to share it on social media. Also include a “send to a friend” button which allows the recipient to forward the newsletter to a friend, who hopefully will love it just as much and subscribe.
  • Keep in mind: Making an email sharable doesn’t guarantee it will be shared! You have to provide your subscribers the value they deserve for them to want to share it. Load it up with amazing content!
  1. Create freebies. Creating free resources on your website is a great opportunity to also collect email addresses in the process. These resources can be anything from an e-book, to a whitepaper or a worksheet. Before the recipient is able to download or access the freebie, they must opt-in to your email newsletters.  
  2. Be transparent. When advertising your email newsletter on your website, make sure you explain exactly what your subscribers will be getting when they opt-in. A common tactic is to let subscribers know that they will never be spammed and give them a broad description of the information they can expect in upcoming emails and the frequency they will receive them. Doing this will help subscribers feel more at ease with giving you their email address.
  3. Create a Facebook call-to-action. Facebook allows any page to create a call-to-action and has a variety of verbage for you to choose from. You can use the call-to-action to direct your audience to sign up for your newsletter or even send them to a “donate now” page, where you can also collect emails.
  4. Make it visible. On your website, your opt-in should be easily accessible and appear on more than just one page. At the end of blog posts, consider including an invitation to join your list. Along with this, consider making the opt-in a prominent feature of your homepage, instead of off to the side. Also, think about using a pop-up box on your homepage to help capture emails as soon as visitors land on your site.
  5. Network. Networking may be seen as old school, but it is certainly a way to gain targeted email subscribers who actually want to be on your list. Make sure when you collect their emails that they are sent a “confirm subscription” email so you only get the people who truly want to be subscribed to your list.


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