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5 Tips For Creating An Inspiring Fall Fundraising Appeal

By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative  Fall is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start creating an inspiring fall fundraising appeal letter to your potential donors. Direct mail is one of the most important marketing touches during the year. Think of your appeal letter like making a good impression on a first…

4 Tips To Creating Recurring Donations With Monthly Giving

By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative How do you go about adding a double ask to your giving page? Is your cause is even suited for a monthly donation? Making the switch from one-time to monthly donations is the key to creating a solid, strong foundation of donors who will grow with you and your cause.…

Redstart Creative Is On Instagram: 3 Tips To Build Your Brand

We are happy to announce that we have joined the world of Instagram! We just couldn’t stay away from the visual component of Instagram that is working so well in the marketing world. To follow us, click here or search for @redstartcreative.   We’re big fans of using Instagram to build your non-profit’s brand, so…

Relax In The Sun With Our Summer Vacation Playlist

  Summer has arrived and the temperatures are rising! What would summer be without a good playlist of tunes to listen to while you BBQ, lounge by the pool, or sit by the beach? So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Summer Vacation playlist! George Hoffmann –– Government Teams – Project Manager “Gold,” – Chet…

6 Ways To Grow Your Non-Profit's Email List

By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative  As a non-profit, you are consistently relying on donors to support your cause. Donor acquisition is done in a variety of ways, but email marketing is a large piece of the puzzle in acquiring and maintaining donors. You may be seeing a lull in new subscribers and may not be sure…

5 Ways Facebook's New Tool Can Help Your Nonprofit

Facebook has recently launched an amazing website to help non-profit organizations (NPOs) strengthen their presence on Facebook and help them to better use and understand how the platform can play a role in their organization. The website is extremely comprehensive and covers everything you need to know about getting started and raising funds.   There are…

5 Ways To Create A Compelling Annual Report For Your Non-Profit

It’s that time of year again when your nonprofit starts to think about putting together an annual report. Your annual report is an extremely important piece of information for your audience, especially for donors who may not have time to keep up with your nonprofit’s accomplishments throughout the year. Along with making sure to include important pieces of information in your report, your focus should also be on making the report as compelling as possible.

Get your Nonprofit Ready for Tech Challenges in 2016

Technology is rapidly changing. It is hard for growing non-profits to keep up with the current trends. Biz Tech Magazine recently featured a great article reviewing trends and opportunities for the non-profit sector this year – The Top Technology Trends Confronting Nonprofits in 2016. Whether you are a new or an established non-profit organization, it is important for…

Traditional and Digital Combine to Create Successful Marketing Plans

There are so many ways to market these days that is it hard to know where to start. Technology allows for instant access to a myriad of information and integrating digital with your traditional methods will help lead to success. Without digital, you are missing opportunities to converse with your target market. You will need to adjust…

Jingle Joy with our Team Holiday Playlist

The holiday season is here! As music is a huge part of the season, we asked our team to tell us their favorite holiday songs. We turned their answers into this holly, jolly Spotify playlist. Enjoy! Rebecca Teaff, Owner and Chief Creative Officer Gabriel’s Message – Sting Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Ella…

Testimonial from Board of Child Care

We asked Kristian Sekse, Vice President of Development & Communications, Board of Child Care, about their experience with Redstart Creative during the production of their 2014 Annual Report. What were some successes and opportunities while working on this project? Successes – our brand felt old and stuffy, especially coming off of last year’s Annual Report. …

Redstart Creative Fall Service Day 2015

On September 26, the Redstart Creative team gathered with friends and family for our Fall Day of Service. A key part of our values as a company is a commitment to community and giving back. Our service day is one of our favorite ways to put this value into practice. We gathered on a crisp…

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