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Mother's Day Tribute

Moms are important. They shape our idea of what a woman is and how she acts. For many of us, our moms are a glimpse of what incredible people we can become if we try. They are our first role models, sounding boards and shoulders to cry on. Moms support us and cheer for our…

Wave of the future

Technology has become an important piece of our everyday lives. Most of us are online at least once a day;  we carry our phones everywhere; we have gaming systems to connect us to players all over the globe and most of us have a desktop computer, tablet and/or a laptop in our homes. Even restaurants…

5 Women who changed my life

It is a big task to think of just five women who have changed my life. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful female family members, mentors and colleagues over the years that have greatly impacted me. Here are a few of the big ones from pivotal moments. Cindy Stevens, mother Cindy Stevens, mother…

5 women who inspired me

Hi Everyone, it’s Christine! History is my not-so secret, for those who know me, fascination. Since I was very little I have always loved history. On queue, I could recite random and not so random facts about historical events and people. Learning history was important in my home growing up. African American history, my history,…

6 Things NFP should focus on in 2019

Recently, one of our colleagues, Stephanie A. McGuire, the director of Ellin & Tucker, shared a video her firm prepared for their not-for-profit clients. Ellin and Tucker is a business consulting and public accounting firm focused on helping their clients and employees reach their full potential. The video listed six things NFPs should focus on…

Prepping For Giving Tuesday

We can hardly believe that the holiday season is around the corner. In a month’s time, we will be sitting down to eat Thanksgiving Dinner, then some of us will be heading out to scour the Black Friday Sales! However, for non-profits, the focus will be on Giving Tuesday, celebrated the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Giving…

Celebrate Self-Improvement Month: 5 Ways To Invest In Yourself

September is self-improvement month and it got our wheels spinning about the importance of consistently working on improving yourself. Whether that’s as a business owner, team manager, mother, daughter…or a regular ole human!   Your life is always under construction. No matter what goal you reach or milestone you hit, there’s always some aspect that…

Giving Back In Business: Part II

We talked in our previous blog about how many businesses these days are incorporating altruism into their business models. We love this so much and while each business has their own way of giving back, our way at Redstart is through service in our greater Baltimore community.   While we participate in service projects regularly,…

Giving Back In Business: Part I

Giving back in business is much more commonplace than it use to be, which is so amazing! Many companies like Toms or Warby Parker do one for one programs, Honest Company has been a long time partner of Baby2Baby and other well known brands create foundations or corporate service policies.   While we are not…

New Redstart Monthly Support Packages

At Redstart Creative, we are always focused on your success. To that end, we constantly listen to and gather feedback from our clients, and we keep up with the latest trends and learn best practices from today’s marketing experts.   That’s what inspired us to introduce our Freshstart Branding Packages in January of 2017, based…

How Unplugging Fuels Creativity

In today’s world, fueled by smartphones and constant connectivity, it is hard to have a moment to think without interruption. Unplugging or taking time to detach is so important. The simple act of stepping away gives you a break and can fuel your work and creativity. Here are some of my favorite tips for detaching:  …

Redstart Creative Is 7: 7 lessons in 7 years

By: Rebecca Teaff, Redstart Creative Life is busy. Period. Whatever phase of life you are in, life can get so very busy. Over the last seven years I have started a business, become a mom and become more involved in volunteer work. All of these roles are amazingly fulfilling to me, but juggling them can…

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