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How Your Nonprofit Can Adapt in Uncertain Times

We are living in a world we could not have imagined six months ago. These uncertain times have many business owners and organization leaders wondering how to proceed. With the constant change and unknown future, many organizations are wondering now what? We have had a lot of conversations over the past few weeks and chatted…

Free Resources for Growing Your Non-Profit

  Accessing grant and nonprofit training resources can be as easy as dusting off your library card. In a time where we can Google anything, we can also be met the frustration of finding legitimate resources for the information we need. The Enoch Pratt Library has resources from reading to courses and networks to help…

4 Reasons Your Organization Should Review Their Branding

Your branding is a representation of your organization. It is how you define what your organization stands for (ie, who you are), what your values are (ie, what you do) and what your mission is (ie, why you matter). Because it often provides your audience with its first impression, it is critical to ensure that…

How to re-invigorate your Spring fundraising appeal

We all know that the majority of non-profit donations occur at the end of the year, which often leads to a lull in giving for the rest of winter. Spring, however, is the perfect opportunity to re-invigorate your donation appeals and fundraising efforts!   Your Spring fundraising appeal is not only a great way to…

Do's And Don'ts Of Design

By: Rebecca Teaff Design is at the core of you organization’s brand. Having effective design for your brand not only looks good, it also helps to communicate to your audience. From the fanciest website to the most simple black and white booklet, design can enhance your message and help deliver it to your audience. Having…

Google For Nonprofits

There are so many amazing resources for nonprofits across the internet that are not well-known! One of these is Google For Nonprofits, which allows eligible nonprofits access to Google products for free. The products can help nonprofits find new donors and volunteers and work more efficiently! Here are some of the great tools your nonprofit…

How to create a marketing budget

You can hit marketing goals at every level of a marketing budget. Before creating your budget, pin down a dollar amount that you will be able to spend on marketing, no matter how small or large. Once you have that number, you can then look at the budget from a resources perspective: What can you…

What Should You Include In Your Marketing Plan?

By: Rebecca Teaff I’m so excited to speak at the Maryland Non-Profit Conference on October 4th. I will be presenting on “What Should You Include in Your Marketing Plan?” We will be discussing the key pieces to include in your marketing plan at a minimum and what elements to add when your budget allows. When…

Top 4 Tips For Direct Mail Lists

By: Judy Antisdel, AT Direct  Many non-profit organizations rely on direct mail as one of their fundraising elements. Chances are, yours does too. Along with ensuring that your direct mail’s content is telling your story in an impactful way, it’s also important to assure that you expand your list while reaching the right people. Judy…

How And Where To Find Grants For Your Non-Profit In Baltimore

Credit: Ale Cretul (Redstart), John Jewitt, Enoch Pratt The task of searching for grants for your non-profit can seem daunting, but when you know where to look and have some incredible free resources at your disposal, the research process becomes less stressful and more organized. Here in Baltimore, The Enoch Pratt Free Library has a…

Rebecca's Top 7 Productivity Tools

By: Rebecca Teaff When writing my 7 lessons in 7 years blog post, I realized there are many apps and softwares that help me be more productive on a day-to-day basis. Here are my current top 7 tools: Things https://culturedcode.com/things/ Things is an amazingly powerful To-Do List app. I have been using Things for seven…

5 Ways To Create A Compelling Annual Report For Your Non-Profit

It’s that time of year again when your nonprofit starts to think about putting together an annual report. Your annual report is an extremely important piece of information for your audience, especially for donors who may not have time to keep up with your nonprofit’s accomplishments throughout the year. Along with making sure to include important pieces of information in your report, your focus should also be on making the report as compelling as possible.

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