Changes to Instagram: Instagram 2019

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Change is a part of life. As we have said time and time again, everything evolves and changes. The same concept applies to our technology, if it doesn’t evolve, the platform and/or system goes the way of floppy disks, room sized hard drives, and MySpace. Part of the beauty of social media is that it evolves and changes with us to meet our needs. College students wanted a platform to connect with current and past classmates, so Facebook was created. Parents and younger siblings migrated from MySpace to Facebook to keep up so college students moved to Twitter and Tumblr to have a space of their own. When images and videos first started to become a big piece of social media, Instagram and Pinterest were created to keep up with demand. Once the older generations understood Instagram, the younger generation migrated to Snapchat, which gave them short videos and pictures of their friends, favorite celebrities, stories, magazine articles and fun filters. Instagram adapted again and created IG stories to bring back the users they lost to Snapchat.  


Instagram is keeping up with its users and continuing to evolve. Instagram has 1 billion users overall and approximately 500 million people use Instagram daily. Instagram created Instastories to allow people to 400 million of those people check Instagram stories daily, and 60% of those people find products and services on the platform. Users are able to get an inside look at their favorite brands and get to know the faces behind the name. Social media marketers are able to remove the curtain so users can feel like they know the brand and make informed decisions. But how is Instagram changing to keep up with the current demand? We found an amazing article on Later that talks about 7 exciting new/updated features coming to Instagram this year.


Get ready, because this includes a new camera for stories, donation stickers, shopping tags and more!


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