Make a Campaign Speak to Your Audience

We here at Redstart Creative are always looking for creative ideas. When we saw this mailing from the British Heart Foundation, we had to share it with you. The Showcase of Fundraising Innovation and Inspiration (Sofii) shared the mailing which features a pull-down tab to help employers determine how many employee man hours they will lose each year due to heart disease.

The mailing was conceived of as a way to reach corporate donors, an effort they had not previously undertaken. The concept allows the organization to introduce themselves to corporations in a way that speaks to their concerns. The results reflected the innovative nature of the mailing, with a strong rate of return for a cold mailing.

When considering a campaign to reach a particular type of audience, think about how your message can directly relate to that audience. Thinking outside of the box and finding a connection with the needs of your audience will make your message stand out.