Facebook 2019: FB5

fb5 copy

Change and evolution are a natural part of life. Perspectives and expectations evolve; we develop brand new ideas for where we see ourselves in the now and in the future. As we grow and evolve, our needs and desires change in order to bring the ideas we have to life. One of the things we require to change as we do is our technology. We expect ever faster internet speeds as our lives become more intertwined with technology and faster applications. We want innovation and creativity in all aspects of our lives on and off line. We want information to be at our fingertips constantly. Recently, Facebook stepped up to the challenge of evolution and introduced FB5.


FB5 is a drastic switch in how Facebook looks and operates, both on your desktop and cellphone. FB5 will present users with a clean, contemporary look. According to a review in Agora Pulse, “The changes are subtle yet important. A shift in font and in hue signify an understanding of the necessity of change alongside the need for continuity.” Users will see a cleaner, brighter and simpler Facebook when they log in from their phones or desktops.


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