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Happy Holidays: Celebrating Joy!


Hi Everyone! My name is Christine, and I am the new Social Media Strategist here at Redstart. So, we are all extremely excited for the holiday season – from spending time with family to indulging in our favorite holiday tradition. We’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! May your season be filled with love, peace and joy.


Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Lights get brighter, cocoa gets hotter and I get to spend time with the people I value most in my life. Every year my family hosts big Christmas dinners, plays games, watches football, and exchanges gifts. Christmas time for me embodies principles I try to exhibit daily, joy, peace and love. Joy around Christmas time is unmatched. People become friendlier, (as long as you’re not in the mall the day before Christmas) and more willing to interact with their fellow man. Carolers sing songs to remind us all of the basic idea to love and appreciate each other with a religious twist.


During Christmas, love is almost tangible. It drips from the words of your work family and friends. It presents itself in the middle of office parties and friend outings as the ambiance for the event. Peace spreads from person to person and becomes a realistic idea during the holiday season. People forget their differences and take time to appreciate the humanity in another person. Don’t get me wrong, presents are great, but the reason Christmas time means so much to me is because of my family and friends’ traditions and finally having the chance to show people how much they mean to me outside of their birthday or anniversaries.


One of my favorite Christmas traditions is playing Christmas Charades, Alligator Rhythm and the “This is a What?” game with my family. Each game allows the quirky and goofy side of all of us to come out. The night usually ends with my cheeks hurting from laughing and smiling so much. Occasionally serious conversations arise, only to be quickly squashed by my grandmother for something lighter. This year, I asked everyone at Redstart to share their favorite Christmas tradition with me so that I could share them with you.


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