How To Curate Content For Your Website


By: Dominic Vecchiollo

We often hear from clients at Redstart that they don’t have enough content for their website or don’t know where to start gathering information. With a few key tips and tricks, you’ll find it’s simple to curate amazing content for your website! Along with repurposing material you may already have, such as white papers and annual reports, here are some other ways you can add to your content:


  1. Link to other websites. Curating content from other websites is a quick way to boost your site’s visibility, while saving you from having to write original work. Post links to other articles, adding about 100-200 words of commentary. Linking to recognized and respected websites adds to your organization’s credibility by association.
  2. Ask authors of articles relevant to your organization to guest post on your blog. You can also team up with them to present a webinar or workshop for your audience.
  3. Keep an eye out for trending topics. Be on the lookout for trending topics or news that you can use as content on your website or in a blog post. Using topics that are relevant to your audience may help you frame your original content in an equally relevant manner for your users.
  4. Employee-generated content. Another way to develop website content is to use your greatest resource – employees! Many people in your organization may not necessarily be writers or produce white papers or reports in the normal course of their work. 
However, they are a source of credible and interesting information. You can still get them involved! For example, you might record a video or voice interview and then transcribe it for an article, or turn it into a slideshare or simple video.


Pro tip: For formatting, we often recommend the WordPress plugin Curation Suite. It can be purchased as a standalone tool, or you can subscribe to their “listening” service, which delivers relevant articles for administrators’ consideration.


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