How to re-invigorate your Spring fundraising appeal


We all know that the majority of non-profit donations occur at the end of the year, which often leads to a lull in giving for the rest of winter. Spring, however, is the perfect opportunity to re-invigorate your donation appeals and fundraising efforts!


Your Spring fundraising appeal is not only a great way to get your base excited about your cause again, but also a chance to showcase your mission to new donors that you may have gained over the end-of-year giving. With that being said, here are some great tips to spice up your Spring appeals:


  1. Mobile Giving. Considering the majority of people are checking out your website or Facebook page on mobile, it makes sense to implement some form of mobile giving to your Spring fundraising appeals. One great way this can be done is through “text to give” campaigns, which allows users to text an amount to a unique number. It’s quick, convenient and easy to complete.
  2. Allow for recurring giving. One way to ensure consistent giving throughout the year is to give your donors the options to give on a monthly basis. Make it easy for donors to choose this option, and allow for small monthly donations that can add up.
  3. Make sure it’s visually attractive. It is important to have great content for your Spring appeal, but also important to have excellent design as well. Whether you are focusing on direct mail or solely email campaign, you have the opportunity to make your appeal stand out with good design. Add in photos and videos that will further help tell your story and connect your audience to your mission.
  4. Consider matching gifts. It gives donors even more of an incentive to give if they know that their donation will do even more. Offer matched gifts for your Spring appeals to give your donors more bang for their buck!
  5. Make your needs known. Studies show that people are more likely to donate when they know specifically what their money is going towards. Get specific when it comes to what their donation will help accomplish. Really specific. Your donors want to make an impact, so let them know how they can!


Do you need help planning your Spring fundraising appeals? Contact us today to see how we can be of assistance.