How Your Nonprofit Can Adapt in Uncertain Times

How Your Nonprofit Can Adapt in Uncertain Times

We are living in a world we could not have imagined six months ago. These uncertain times have many business owners and organization leaders wondering how to proceed. With the constant change and unknown future, many organizations are wondering now what? We have had a lot of conversations over the past few weeks and chatted with many amazing leaders in their fields. What we’ve found is there are some very important things to keep doing in relation to your communications strategy. 

Most importantly, keep your communications going. You can use the 4 C’s to guide you. The 4 C’s include cultivating relationships, communicating clearly, converting events, and continuing to ask for donations. Remembering the basics will help you continue to thrive and move forward, even in uncertain times.


Cultivate relationships.

Even with social distancing, it’s important to continue to cultivate relationships. Your supporters want to hear from you. Don’t go radio silent. This includes outside and inside your organization.

  • Continue board meetings.
  • Hold staff meetings to keep them in the loop
  • Send messages to volunteers and donors either via email or social.
  • Call major donors and sponsors.
  • Create a plan for consistent reach out over the next few months.


Communicate Clearly

  • Be authentic, transparent and hopeful. Show your leadership and roll in your community.
  • Create a regular communications plan with a focus on digital for the time being.
  • Update your website with 1-2 pieces of new content each month or more frequently if possible.
  • Send out a monthly e-newsletter.
  • Post consistently on social media. Choose 1-2 channels to post 3-5x a week.
  • Consider starting or maintaining a fall direct mail campaign to solicit individual donors.


Convert Events

We are living in a digital world for an unknown period of time. That means you can pivot, use your creativity and move events to a virtual platform. Events are used to fundraise, raise awareness, build culture and team camaraderie. Keep it up.

  • Leverage the technology available to hold a virtual event – Zoom, Go to Meeting, Google Hangout and other higher-end production tools. 
  • Hold a non-event event.
    Virtual 5K, April Fools Gala, Cutest Pet Contest, Fanciest Family, etc. 
  • Integrate social media into your virtual events.
    Create an event hashtag and encourage posting. This will raise awareness and increase engagement on social media.


Continue to ask for donations

The show must go on and nonprofit services are still needed. Individuals right now are looking to feel inspired and step up to help.

  • Create a campaign with a clear message.
  • Why are your services needed now?
  • How have you been affected by closures?
  • Detail how your services support your community.
  • Suggest a small amount to go to a monthly giving campaign. While this won’t open the floodgates to large donations it gives you a chance to develop a relationship with a donor over time.


Keep moving forward, create open communication and support one another. We will get through this!