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Business Continuity Statement – We Work Virtually

As the impact of the global COVID-19/Coronavirus outbreak continues to grow, we recognize that your organization may be experiencing resulting business delays and disruption. At Redstart Creative, we are committed to providing the strong support and service you rely on, without interruption, during this challenging time.   Redstart has always had a virtual component since we…

4 Quick Proofreading Tips

When creating content for your nonprofit, proofreading is as important as the writing. The good news is, you don’t have to be trained as a professional writer to develop quality content for your organization. Here are a few suggestions to make your copy shine: Review the source material that is supplied to you. In many…

Why Fresh Content is Crucial For SEO

If it seems like everybody is talking about content these days, it’s because fresh content is a vital currency in today’s digital marketing environment. Creating fresh content for your website is our number one recommendation when clients ask us how they can get more traffic to their website.  Fresh content goes beyond regular tweaks and…

Three Social Media Trends to Try This Year

Social Media is a great platform to create awareness for your organization, though reaching a larger audience and engaging with them can sometimes seem like a mystery. These three social media trends will help you do just that.    Video content is the fastest way to build your audience. Video content, whether it be a…

Ten Quick and Easy Content Ideas

One of the biggest mental hurdles for digital marketers and content creators is the dreaded feeling of constantly having to produce new and original content. Sure, we can curate content from an industry insider or retweet a Chrissy Teigen gem (always gold) but sooner or later our creative brain cells will momentarily wander away, along…

5 Tips to Boost Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

The leaves are falling, red and green decor is making its way to the shelves, and the holiday season is on its way! With so much giving and receiving happening in the next few months, it’s only fitting that a designated day to give back happens in the midst of it all. Giving Tuesday is…

3 Key Phases to Develop a Website

By: Rebecca Teaff and Julia Archer, Redstart Creative  Developing a website can be a long, time-consuming project. This is why we break down the process into three key phrases. By breaking down the website development process into steps, each phase can be focused on intensely as part of the whole. Phase 1: Planning and Exploration…

4 Steps You Need to Take Before Starting a Website Redesign

Jumping on the bandwagon feet first is tempting for many website owners. It is important to consider a few details before making the investment. Choosing the wrong company can lead to frustration and an ineffective marketing tool for your business or organization. This article will outline a few resources to successfully lay website redesign groundwork…

4 Reasons You Need A Website Redesign

If this was 2005, we may not be recommending a website redesign for you. However, in this world of technology, website design has changed immensely. It is no longer possible to just create a website and let it remain stagnant for a long period of time without ever making changes to it. Here’s why: Get…

3 Types of Visual Content You Should Be Sharing to Increase Year-End Fundraising

  Digital marketing is an efficient way for those in the nonprofit sector to grow awareness for their organization and expand their network. Social media can help you increase donors, retain your existing database and share the story of your organization with a global audience. Here at Redstart, we are often asked how to stand…

Free Resources for Growing Your Non-Profit

  Accessing grant and nonprofit training resources can be as easy as dusting off your library card. In a time where we can Google anything, we can also be met the frustration of finding legitimate resources for the information we need. The Enoch Pratt Library has resources from reading to courses and networks to help…


If you’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody you know that part of the reason that Queen rose to fame was Freddie Mercury’s fervent refusal to blend in. He wore grandiose outfits, found a party in any room, and always vowed to stay true to himself. “Fortune favors the bold.”- Freddie Mercury When he met his would-be manager…

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