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4 Tips To Successful Email Marketing During The Holidays

By: Julia Archer and Rebecca Teaff, Redstart Creative We can now officially say the holidays are upon us and with them come holiday sales and donations. During this time, email campaigns will be a strategic part of meeting your end-of-the-year goals. You have probably noticed the increase in sales emails coming to your inbox and…

4 Tips To Creating Recurring Donations With Monthly Giving

By: Julia Archer, Redstart Creative How do you go about adding a double ask to your giving page? Is your cause is even suited for a monthly donation? Making the switch from one-time to monthly donations is the key to creating a solid, strong foundation of donors who will grow with you and your cause.…

4 Steps You Need to Take Before Starting a Website Redesign

Jumping on the bandwagon feet first is tempting for many website owners. It is important to consider a few details before making the investment. Choosing the wrong company can lead to frustration and an ineffective marketing tool for your business or organization. This article will outline a few resources to successfully lay website redesign groundwork…

4 Reasons Your Organization Should Review Their Branding

Your branding is a representation of your organization. It is how you define what your organization stands for (ie, who you are), what your values are (ie, what you do) and what your mission is (ie, why you matter). Because it often provides your audience with its first impression, it is critical to ensure that…

4 Reasons You Should Outsource Your Marketing

There are a lot of moving parts when it comes to marketing an organization successfully. While you may already have a marketing department, there are many things that may go missed or underutilized if the proper time cannot be given to them. Many times there are simply other priorities that cause blogging, social media, and…

4 Reasons You Need A Website Redesign

If this was 2005, we may not be recommending a website redesign for you. However, in this world of technology, website design has changed immensely. It is no longer possible to just create a website and let it remain stagnant for a long period of time without ever making changes to it. Here’s why: Get…

4 Reasons You Need A Website Re-Design In 2017

If this was 2005, we may not be recommending a website re-design for you. However, this is 2017 and the world of technology, specifically website design, has changed immensely. It is no longer possible to just create a website and let it remain stagnant for a long period of time without ever making changes to…

4 Quick Proofreading Tips

When creating content for your nonprofit, proofreading is as important as the writing. The good news is, you don’t have to be trained as a professional writer to develop quality content for your organization. Here are a few suggestions to make your copy shine: Review the source material that is supplied to you. In many…

4 Key Takeaways From #BeingBoss NOLA

I had the exciting opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the second year in the row to experience #BeingBoss NOLA, a weekend retreat hosted by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon of Being Boss. The retreat was filled with fun, food and masterminding with other creative entrepreneurs. I wanted to share my key takeaways from…

4 Key Steps To Making Your Fall Direct Mail Stand Out

We may be in the thick of summer, but your organization should already be thinking about creating your fall direct mail fundraising piece. Fall is the time when the giving season is ramping up, so you want to ensure that your fundraising efforts are ramping up, as well. Here are some key steps to ensure…

3 Types of Visual Content You Should Be Sharing to Increase Year-End Fundraising

  Digital marketing is an efficient way for those in the nonprofit sector to grow awareness for their organization and expand their network. Social media can help you increase donors, retain your existing database and share the story of your organization with a global audience. Here at Redstart, we are often asked how to stand…

3 Tips To Make Your Website Better

Your website is, many times, the first impression your audience has of your agency. Having a fully-functioning, well-designed website is extremely important. Your goal should be to create delight for users who visit your website! Delighting with an easy-to-use and accessible website is key to building a community and increasing your number of members, donors,…

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