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5 Resources for Nonprofits in Maryland

Here at Redstart, we love nonprofits! We adore organizations who are actively trying to change their communities and the world around them. We are fortunate to have three excellent organizations supporting nonprofits in the state of Maryland and surrounding areas.   Here are five amazing resources and some of the must attend events for nonprofits…

My Sticky Five – 5 women who have influenced my life

We have an amazing team here at Redstart. Each of us bring our unique perspective and voice to help ensure we empower social change. This month we asked two team members to write about 5 women who influenced them in honor of #WHM. This blog was submitted by Bridget Parlato.   When my husband and I…

5 Tips for Business Success

Over the years I have made time to connect with other women business owners to chat strategy, operations, growth etc. This year I have gotten to know Natalie Mangrum of Maryland Teacher Tutors. We had the privilege of speaking together on a panel at the Daily Record’s Women’s Leadership Summit in March of this year.…

5 Women Who Changed My Life

This month, in honor of Women’s History Month, we asked two of our team members Gretchen Laufer and Bridget Parlato to write about 5 women who inspired/changed their lives. Here is Gretchen’s Blog:   In honor of Women’s History Month, I am reflecting on the women who have changed my life and guided me on…

Wave of the future

Technology has become an important piece of our everyday lives. Most of us are online at least once a day;  we carry our phones everywhere; we have gaming systems to connect us to players all over the globe and most of us have a desktop computer, tablet and/or a laptop in our homes. Even restaurants…

5 Women who changed my life

It is a big task to think of just five women who have changed my life. I have been fortunate enough to have wonderful female family members, mentors and colleagues over the years that have greatly impacted me. Here are a few of the big ones from pivotal moments. Cindy Stevens, mother Cindy Stevens, mother…

5 women who inspired me

Hi Everyone, it’s Christine! History is my not-so secret, for those who know me, fascination. Since I was very little I have always loved history. On queue, I could recite random and not so random facts about historical events and people. Learning history was important in my home growing up. African American history, my history,…

Rethinking Social Media Marketing

Life is about change and evolution. Everything around us, even our own frame of mind changes from time to time. The way we approached obstacles last year or even yesterday may not be the same way we would approach them today. This philosophy applies to the way we do business; the way we shop; the…

A New Year and the Start of Redstart 2.0

Happy New Year! I cannot believe we are halfway through January. I hope your year has gotten off to a great start. In 2019, Redstart will be celebrating our ten year anniversary and beginning what I am calling Redstart 2.0. We are focused on branding and digital marketing that helps our clients tell their stories.…

Letter to Entrepreneur

Redstart Creative has gone through a period of tremendous growth and transition from mid 2017 to the end of 2018. We are now poised and ready to enter our tenth year of business stronger than ever.   To mark this transition I wrote a note to myself at 32 when I founded the business. The…

Happy Holidays: Celebrating Joy!

Hi Everyone! My name is Christine, and I am the new Social Media Strategist here at Redstart. So, we are all extremely excited for the holiday season – from spending time with family to indulging in our favorite holiday tradition. We’d like to wish everyone a happy holiday season! May your season be filled with…

6 Things NFP should focus on in 2019

Recently, one of our colleagues, Stephanie A. McGuire, the director of Ellin & Tucker, shared a video her firm prepared for their not-for-profit clients. Ellin and Tucker is a business consulting and public accounting firm focused on helping their clients and employees reach their full potential. The video listed six things NFPs should focus on…

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