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Traditional and Digital Combine to Create Successful Marketing Plans

There are so many ways to market these days that is it hard to know where to start. Technology allows for instant access to a myriad of information and integrating digital with your traditional methods will help lead to success. Without digital, you are missing opportunities to converse with your target market. You will need to adjust…

Staying Connected With Your Donors Over The Summer

Summer is a fun time for all of us (beaches, pools, warm weather!). But for non-profit organizations, it means a lull in fundraising and donations. The summer is a great time to connect with your donors. Let them know what your organization is up to and to remind them of upcoming events and fundraisers in…


If you’ve seen Bohemian Rhapsody you know that part of the reason that Queen rose to fame was Freddie Mercury’s fervent refusal to blend in. He wore grandiose outfits, found a party in any room, and always vowed to stay true to himself. “Fortune favors the bold.”- Freddie Mercury When he met his would-be manager…

St. Vincent dePaul 2010 Annual Report

St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit organization that provides human services to people experiencing hunger, homelessness and poverty throughout Baltimore. Being a non-profit means that St. Vincent de Paul must enlist volunteers to help provide services, as well as donors to help fund their programs and keep them running.  For their 2010 Annual Report,…

So What Exactly is Foursquare?

Foursquare is a virtual game that enables you to compete with your friends by checking-in to various locations throughout the week. As you check-in, you gain points, earn badges and the status of mayor at locations you frequent. Foursquare started in New York City, expanded to 100 other cities and is now available anywhere. This…

Small Business Website

  It is important for you to have a website, but even more important to keep it up to date I recently attended a networking event one evening in Baltimore. New networking groups are popping up all the time for entrepreneurs trying to build new relationships, create strategic partnerships, and just be seen in the…

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Rethinking Social Media Marketing

Life is about change and evolution. Everything around us, even our own frame of mind changes from time to time. The way we approached obstacles last year or even yesterday may not be the same way we would approach them today. This philosophy applies to the way we do business; the way we shop; the…

Resources for Nonprofits in Maryland

We love sharing resources for nonprofits in Maryland – there are so many quality resources! This is Part 2 in our series. Thank you to our guest blogger Cara Fogarty, who is a Coordinator for the Charles County Nonprofit Institute at the College of Southern Maryland (CSM).   The Nonprofit Institute at CSM is Southern…

Relax In The Sun With Our Summer Vacation Playlist

  Summer has arrived and the temperatures are rising! What would summer be without a good playlist of tunes to listen to while you BBQ, lounge by the pool, or sit by the beach? So sit back, relax, and enjoy our Summer Vacation playlist! George Hoffmann –– Government Teams – Project Manager “Gold,” – Chet…

Redstart Creative’s Government Service

The Redstart Creative government portfolio is growing. We are excited to continue to grow this part of our business. To the left is an example of our government work, a report for the Federal Housing Finance Agency, Office of the Inspector General. As part of our ongoing efforts to make Redstart Creative an attractive partner…

Redstart Creative Team Barbeque

Last month, Redstart Creative had their first annual family barbeque. This was a wonderful chance to visit with everyone’s families, play games and kick off the summer. The beautiful weather provided the perfect back-drop for an afternoon of food and drinks on the porch and games on the lawn. Yummy barbeque was enjoyed along with…

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