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REBECCA TEAFF is the owner and founder of Redstart Creative. She is a creative entrepreneur, problem solver and dreamer and has a passion for helping those changing the world that matches her passion for running a business.

Redstart Creative was established in 2009 with the mission to create clear communications for those who are driving positive change in the world i.e., people who make good things happen. Redstart works with clients empowering positive change in the world - those striving for social impact and equity.

Redstart Creative is a full service marketing company building and supporting brands for women-owned small businesses and nonprofits in the educational, environmental and family support space.

Over the past ten years Rebecca has been involved in multiple volunteer roles including - Marketing Chair for the Association of Fundraising Professionals Maryland Chapter and National Association of Women Business Owners - Baltimore Chapter.

Rebecca has been awarded the Top 100 Women Award in 2018 from The Daily Record, the Successful Under 40 VIP List in 2017 from The Daily Record, and The Smart CEO Corporate Culture Award in 2015 and 2016.

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To learn how to leverage messaging to make a positive impact, and balancing health, family, and entrepreneurship: Contact Rebecca@redstartcreative.com for more information.



From Obstacles to Opportunities: Making the Choice to Rise up and Lead

Do you feel like you’re the only business owner who faces challenges? Do you wish your peers shared just as many of their losses and challenges as they do wins & successes? Part of being a successful business owner is being able to identify your biggest obstacles as your largest growth opportunities. Learn how to turn them into the largest growth accelerators of your business. Rebecca is an entrepreneur who transformed her business and is now managing a full-blown team in the last TEN years! You’ll take away tools to not only get your business back on track like she did, but actually restructure and BUILD it to its fullest potential, including six key steps to overcome common roadblocks.


A Letter to Entrepreneurs: Listening to Your Own Voice

Do you ever wish you could write a letter to yourself before you’ve made a big transition in your life? What is the advice you would give your younger self? Rebecca shares her journey and how she navigated founding a non-traditional business during a recession while staying true to herself. You’ll hear her own letter she wrote to herself marking a huge transition in her business. Learn the importance of listening to your gut, connecting with clients, saying “no” and other tools to help your organization make money without sacrificing your personal values and goals.



What’s Your Why? Develop Your Brand Message

Are you a part of an organization with a great mission? Then you have a story to tell and donors to reach! Great marketing starts with a deep look into your organization’s “why” and telling your story! Your Brand Message is the foundation of your marketing!


Look at Me – Develop Your Visual Brand

Have you been thinking about your branding, especially your logo? Are you ready to have logos and branding demystified? There are many myths about logos and we’re here to help! Learn some powerful design basics, how to audit your logo and how to get it to fit your brand! This is perfect for organizations with a powerful mission and need a logo to match!


Break through the Crowd – Make your Website work for you!

Do you have a website? Not sure how to leverage it and make it stand out? Learn the importance of a successful website and how to effectively use it to market your company or organization. This workshop focuses on essential tactics including site architecture and navigation, accessibility, responsive design, selecting images and when to use video. There will also be a discussion on the importance of blogging for marketing, SEO, and google analytics!


Integrated Digital Marketing 101 – How to Create Cohesive Website, Social Media and Email Content

In this day and age, your website and digital marketing are your biggest billboards and opportunity to make a great impression on your donors. Your work is so important and while there’s so much that goes into running a nonprofit, your digital presence matters. Not only do you want your website to align with your brand, but your digital content needs to as well.. You will learn how to create compelling content for your website as well as great digital marketing strategies to help your organization meet its goals and best leverage your digital presence!


Developing an Annual Report for Nonprofit Organizations

Annual Reports have evolved over the years. Through all the changes, they still remain a valuable tool to communicate to donors and investors. Learn the current trends in Annual Report design as well as time-tested techniques that still hold true. Throughout the presentation you will see samples of powerful Annual Reports and learn how to create your own!


The Ins and Outs of an Effective Direct Mail Campaign

For many nonprofit organizations, direct mail can be a powerful tool to engage with donors. Learn the different stages of creating a direct mail campaign with actionable information you can apply to your next direct mail marketing efforts. Topics include design principles specifically applicable to mail, prospecting and list acquisition, as well as the production of mail pieces. This presentation is well-suited for organizations looking to up donor engagement using a tried-and-true approach!


How to Create Infographics for Social Media

Did you know that consumers are 30 times more likely to read an infographic than a piece of text? They can be a fun and interactive way to visually depict vital information on social media. Infographics can showcase data you’ve collected on a particular service you offer; highlight statistics on select problems in the community that your organization aims to correct; or explain key areas of impact your organization has affected. This session covers how to create infographics and illustrates how using them on social media can enhance your social media presence and increase engagement.


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