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Letter to Entrepreneur

Letters 2

Redstart Creative has gone through a period of tremendous growth and transition from mid 2017 to the end of 2018. We are now poised and ready to enter our tenth year of business stronger than ever.


To mark this transition I wrote a note to myself at 32 when I founded the business. The letter turned into a reflection of what it took to get here and advice for all new entrepreneurs. I hope you enjoy it…



Dear 32 year old – about to be business owner  – Rebecca,


You can do this! You have the faith, work ethic, creativity and Type-A-ness to make it happen.


Listen, be open, learn from others and build close relationships with those who support you.


Be humble. Learn from mistakes, admit when you are wrong.


Choose team members with heart. Build them up, challenge them.


Pray for wisdom, grace and acceptance. Always pray.


When you get knocked down, get up again and figure out why you were knocked down in the first place. Then do better next time.


Be grateful for your support, network, education and opportunities.

Laugh and cry with this company. Put your heart into and love this company. You are building something bigger than yourself.


Strive for impact, equity and change.


And most of all remember there is no end point. This is a journey, an evolution. Embrace the challenges and the change. Celebrate the victories and the milestones.


You are going to make it!




Thank you Redstart 1.0 for all the laughter, joy and even tears – the victories and failures. You have helped me grow into someone I never knew I would be. Someone who can change the world. Redstart 2.0 is ready to do just that!

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