New In Social Media: Instagram Updates


There have been so many changes in the world of digital marketing, specifically social media in 2018, and this past month has brought an array of new changes from Instagram! So sit back, relax, and allow us to walk you through them and how you can be using them to your advantage.


  1. Instagram algorithm. At the beginning of June, Instagram finally released how the new algorithm works. Here are the main tidbits: What you see on Instagram depends on what you like and who you like.The order you see posts depends on three factors: interest, timeliness, and relationship. Chronological order is not coming back, but you will see more new posts higher up on your feed.

So, what does this mean? You need to be posting more engaging content that creates a reaction from your audience! Your content should be inspiring your audience wants to comment and like your post. Otherwise, there’s a chance they won’t see your content.


  1. IGTV. The second big update to Instagram came at the end of June with the launch of IGTV. Instagram saw the trend of mobile video and created their very own, mobile-only, YouTube-like, platform! Brands can create their own IGTV channel and create content up to an hour long for viewing.


This longer, vertical video platform can help you get discovered by new people and connect with your existing audience even deeper.


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