New Redstart Monthly Support Packages


At Redstart Creative, we are always focused on your success. To that end, we constantly listen to and gather feedback from our clients, and we keep up with the latest trends and learn best practices from today’s marketing experts.


That’s what inspired us to introduce our Freshstart Branding Packages in January of 2017, based on a pilot of this package in 2016. The same process has led us to launch our monthly support packages for digital and print marketing in 2018. Over the past two years, we worked with many of our clients to discover how best to partner with and support their mission. This journey inspired our social media packages, which have since grown into integrated digital marketing packages.


The integration of three key tools — social media, website content and email marketing — makes digital marketing a powerful platform for communicating with your audience — whether donors, clients or customers. Their combination is much more robust than using each by themselves.

  • Use social media to build a trusted relationship with your audience;
  • Update your web content to provide a greater marketing focus, new information to share via social media, and boosts to Google’s rank of your site;
  • Use email marketing to curate all of this fresh content into more easily digestible deliverables.


Adding this online strategy to your print marketing outreach will create a powerful tool indeed.


We know your audience is busy — sharing information across different mediums allows them multiple opportunities to absorb your vital info and form a more powerful engagement with you.


Our new packages will also allow you to partner and collaborate with us on a more regular basis. For example, scheduling monthly strategy meetings with our team members, many of whom have expertise in a variety of areas — marketing strategy, content generation, digital design — is like having your own in-house marketing department.


At Redstart Creative, our mission is to empower the positive change that you — our clients — are making happen in the world. We are excited to offer even more resources and new ways to partner with you in 2018!