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Increase your Donor Reach Using Multimedia Marketing Mix, Part Three of Three

bluewaterbaltimoreemailThere are several ways to engage with your donor list; direct mail appeals, annual reports, and digital appeals—e-mail, online campaigns and social media. In our last blog we reviewed annual reports and dos and don’ts in creating those documents. In this blog we will review digital appeals.

Even though donors are still giving far more via the mail, it’s just a matter of time before we live and die online. The millennial generation wants to know how they can help quickly and efficiently. We found a great resource, Fired Up Fundraising, with tips on how to efficiently craft your online messaging to speak to donors. Here are a few tips we found that will help you in crafting your own online communications:

Send your donors out little pieces of information in small digestible bites.

  • The smart communicator breaks down all that stream of info to your donors into little bite-sized morsels.
  • The majority of people who see your communications will pay attention to only the tastiest little bits of it.
  • The tastier the little morsels, the better, because then they will continue to read or to click for more.

Produce Good Morsels

  • Get really good at headline and subject line writing. 
  • Use good graphics that support your text and the story you are illustrating
  • Get comfortable with your phone camera and editing/filters—Quickly snapped photos can be amazingly powerful, especially when you use them to connect your donors more deeply to your work.
  • As you write longer articles or stories, think about how you will break that longer content into morsels—Always keep stuff short and sweet. Break it up! Who wants to read long, long online newsletters or stories?

Redstart Creative is excited to help you with your annual appeal project. Visit our website today to learn about how we can help you with your end of the year communications.

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