Redstart Creative Is On Instagram: 3 Tips To Build Your Brand

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instaREDSTART (1)We are happy to announce that we have joined the world of Instagram! We just couldn’t stay away from the visual component of Instagram that is working so well in the marketing world. To follow us, click here or search for @redstartcreative.


We’re big fans of using Instagram to build your non-profit’s brand, so we thought we would share some of our top tips to being successful on the platform. If you haven’t already, join us on Instagram and start implementing some of these winning tips!


  1. Use hashtags properly. Hashtags are big on Instagram, but you have to know how to use them correctly. Tapping a hashtag takes you to page that shows all photos and videos people have posted with that same hashtag. This will help your photos be seen by others. As a rule, Instagram allows you to put up to 30 hashtags in your caption or the comments before it’s marked as a spammy post. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have 30 hashtags! Although the more hashtags you use, the more likes your photo will get, 5–10 maximum is a good rule of thumb to keep from looking cluttered. Use hashtags that are on brand and directed towards your target audience. Most of your hashtags should have medium size audiences (about 50,000-100,000 total posts) or your post could end up getting washed away in the clutter. Here are some examples of good non-profit hashtags that you can take advantage of:

         #nonprofitlife, #nonprofitwork, #nonprofitorganization, #nonprofits


  1. Provide good quality photos. Since Instagram is a predominantly visual platform, you will want to keep your photos of good quality. Blurry or hard-to-read images just won’t cut it. If your photo is a bit blurry, but it’s such a good post that you’re struggling with not posting it, try this quick tip: edit the photo’s “sharpness” (found under Instagram’s “edit” button) to make the photo appear more crisp. This could help take some of the blurriness away!


  1. Follow a like-minded audience. Of course, you’re going to want to do more than just post content on Instagram. To begin growing your audience, start by searching similar non-profits or search by location to find people in your area who might be interested in volunteering. Once you’re on their Instagram page, follow some of their audience, but make sure that the people you are following are active on Instagram.


We realize that social media can be stressful and time-consuming. Let us take care of your social media presence for you! Contact us today to get started.