Rethinking Social Media Marketing


Life is about change and evolution. Everything around us, even our own frame of mind changes from time to time. The way we approached obstacles last year or even yesterday may not be the same way we would approach them today. This philosophy applies to the way we do business; the way we shop; the way we think and especially the way we market our businesses.


The beautiful aspect of social media is that it is always changing. From the first MySpace pages to Snapchat, social media is an ever evolving marketplace of ideas and creativity. Rethinking the way we approach and execute marketing campaigns is the only way to thrive in social media. Changing our approach to social media marketing means questioning the basic concepts behind our strategy. Are we picking the best content for our audience? Are we telling the right story to attract attention to our mission and cause?


We found the perfect article to help answer these questions. HubSpot Research and the University of Virginia compiled data to give us tips on how to use a behavior based approach for content.


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