Staying Connected With Your Donors Over The Summer


Summer is a fun time for all of us (beaches, pools, warm weather!). But for non-profit organizations, it means a lull in fundraising and donations. The summer is a great time to connect with your donors. Let them know what your organization is up to and to remind them of upcoming events and fundraisers in the fall. Here are some ideas on how to stay connected with your donors over the summer months:


  1. Send regular emails. If you aren’t sending your donors regular emails every month, chances are when fall and winter come around, they might miss them in their inbox. You want donors to see your organization’s name in their inbox. You do not want to be emailing only during giving season or before big fundraising events. Send out newsletters letting your audience know what your organization has been up to throughout the month: maybe you got a grant, planned an event, or took a staff picnic!
  2. Plan outdoor events. Summer is a great time to get your donors together for a fun, outdoor event. Think of ways to use summer to your advantage: a golf tournament, outdoor sports, beach and pool parties are all things that come to mind!
  3. Send save-the-dates. Even if you don’t have details nailed down for your fall event yet, you can send your donors a simple save-the-date for the event, either as a printed postcard or an email. It’s an easy and simple reminder to them that your fall event is around the corner!
  4. Stay connected on social media. A great way to keep your organization in front of your donors is to stay connected with them via social media. Posting regularly across your audience’s favorite platform reminds them that you are there and that you want them to know what your organization has been up to. Consider creating a themed hashtag and encouraging your donors to participate with you. For example, here at Redstart, we created the #WhereIsRedstart hashtag to showcase all of the fun places our team goes! Check out some examples below. 

Do you need help staying connected with your donors? We offer print and digital marketing packages that can help provide you with the assets and team to make that happen. Contact us today!