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Team Favorite Halloween Costumes

Halloween Post1

We wanted to take a trip down memory lane this Halloween, so we asked our team about their favorite Halloween costumes. Enjoy these spooky memories!

I was a carrot for Halloween when I was in the fourth grade. I think I got the idea from a Bugs Bunny comic book. It was the one year that my mom and I made a costume. All the other years when I was a kid, I wore a costume from a box — the kind with the plastic mask and a sort of smock that you tied on — that we bought at Ben Franklin. – Dominic Vecchiollo 

Me and my sister. Handmade Minnie Mouse ears, complete with whiskers. I think I have another of us dressed as gypsies in middle school. – Valerie Anderson, Senior Graphic Designer, Government Projects (top middle left)

SheRa, Princess of Power! – Rebecca Teaff, Owner and Chief Creative Officer

My brother and I, most likely 1974. Yep, I am that old! LOL. Mom made our costumes of course!! – Jenn Tucker

Cowboy cousins! (circa 1987) – Ally Brocious, Government Project Management

Punk Rocker – Jenn Pak, Director of Digital Projects

Stand and deliver! Tiny Robin Hood, Little John, Maid Mari-Anna, and her Lady in Waiting. – Henry Mortimer, Content Strategist

My most memorable costume was when I dressed up as McDonald’s French Fries. I even won first place for my age group in my town’s Halloween Parade. – Gretchen Laufer, Operations Manager

Halloween Post1

Clockwise from top left: Dominic Vecchiollo, Valerie Anderson, Rebecca Teaff, Jenn Tucker, Ally Brocious, Jenn Pak, Henry Mortimer

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