Three Social Media Trends to Try This Year

top social media trends

Social Media is a great platform to create awareness for your organization, though reaching a larger audience and engaging with them can sometimes seem like a mystery. These three social media trends will help you do just that. 


Video content is the fastest way to build your audience. Video content, whether it be a carefully crafted reel that pulls people into your brand story, or a candid behind-the-scenes clip creates the most engagement and highest conversion rates online. According to a Cisco study, by 2022, 82% of all online content will be video.


You can start integrating video into your social media strategy with Instagram and Facebook stories by giving people a look inside your organization and events. These short videos perform well, are cost-effective, and take very little planning.


People are looking for more authenticity and transparency online. If having the perfect photos and carefully crafted captions have been holding you back, you are in luck! People are looking for connection in the form of content, people, and causes that they can relate to. Consider how you can give your audience a more realistic view inside of your organization and you will see your engagement grow.


Creating a community around your organization so you can foster relationships and give more value is a growing trend. Facebook Groups are an example of such social communities. These groups bring like-minded people together to share their ideas and experiences and seek solutions and support. How could you create a sense of community around your next big fundraiser?


There are many social listening tools that collect analytics which makes it easy to access your social media insights so you can see what your audience is looking for. 


Try some of these trends and see which ones are growing awareness and engagement for your cause.


At Redstart, we understand how navigating the world of social media can be a mystery. We can help support your digital marketing efforts with content, analytics and more.