Thank you for your interest in our GetStarted Marketing webinar series

Every Thursday starting on April 2, we will be holding a FREE 1 hour webinar from 1-2pm EDT.  We'll be sharing the same methods we use with our one-on-one clients, but broken down in a simple manner for you to DIY your own marketing.

You will walk away with all of the tools to create your story, update your visual brand and design supporting materials that you love. Our weekly instruction will also provide you worksheets for every step of the process. All of the knowledge and tools you need to put marketing into action yourself!

2020 Get Started-Intro

Intro & Adapting to Change Discussion

This week will be a quick overview of the GetStarted Marketing course and what we will learn over the next 7 weeks. In addition, we will review what you can be doing immediately to adapt to the changing landscape. We will talk about how to focus on the 4 C's - Cultivate, Communicate, Convert and Continue. A brief presentation will be followed by a discussion among attendees on recent weeks and plans for the next few weeks.

2020 Get Started-story

What’s Your Story? Develop Your Brand Message

Your organization has a great mission. Learn how to tell your story and reach your audience whether it is donors or clients. Great marketing starts with a deep look into your organization’s “why” and how to effectively communicate your brand message. Your brand message is the foundation of your marketing.

2020 Get Started-Logo

Look at Me: Develop Your Visual Brand

Have you been thinking about your branding, especially your logo? Are you ready to have logos and branding demystified? There are many myths about logos and we’re here to help! Learn some powerful design basics, learn how to audit your logo and adapt as needed to fit your brand. This is perfect for organizations who have a powerful mission and need a logo to match.

2020 Get Started-Website

Break through the Crowd: Make Your Website work for You

We are living in a virtual world and your website is your first digital impression. Is your current website working for you? Learn the importance of a successful website and how to effectively use it to market your company or organization. You will also gain insight on the essential tactics including site architecture and navigation, accessibility, responsive design, selecting images,  and when to use video.

2020 Get Started-DM101

Digital Marketing 101: How to Communicate in a Virtual World

In this day and age, your website and your digital marketing are your biggest billboards and your opportunity to make a great impression on your donors and clients. What you do is so important and while there’s so much that goes into running a nonprofit, your digital presence matters. Not only do you want your website to look on brand, but your digital content needs to be on brand, too. You will learn how to create compelling content for your website as well as great digital marketing strategy that help your organization meet its goals and best leverage your digital presence!

2020 Get Started-DM202

Digital marketing 202: Evaluate, Shift, and Maintain Strategy Long-Term

You've established consistency and a baseline with your digital marketing, now what? We will discuss how to evaluate, shift and maintain strategy long term. We will talk about how SEO is impacted by content and how to review your analytics. Not sure whether to boost a post or run an ad? We will talk about the differences. And finally we will dive into video. How is it working now on different platforms? How can you brainstorm content and involve your whole organization?

2020 Get Started-Print

Print in a Digital World: How to Convert Traditional Tools

For years nonprofits have used direct mail and annual reports to communicate to their donors. Small businesses have used business cards, brochures and sales packets. Now that so much communication is digital, what is still relevant and what can be translated? This session will talk about the importance of these communications, what is still relevant and how to adapt. Annual reports can move online, sales packets can become sales slides etc. We will review samples and you will leave with practical advice to make changes within your organizations.

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