What Does the Facebook Zero Announcement Mean


By Rebecca Teaff and Julie Archer

Facebook made a big announcement on January 11th about changes to Facebook’s algorithm and how it will affect business pages. In the days following the marketing world went a little bit crazy. You can read some of the other takes on this announcement here and here.

First of all, this is not the end of the world and the sky is not falling. These changes will roll out slowly (some have already started) and we can’t predict how everything will be affected. In the meantime, we have researched this and discussed it among our team.


It is STILL all about the content! Great content engages your audience through genuine engagement with the key being comments and shares.

Here are our top tips on how you can still garner great engagement:

  • Get creative with your posts. Look at your analytics and create themes around the content garnering the most engagement. Post what your audience wants to see!
  • Use direct promotions sparingly.
  • Encourage comments by asking questions and tagging friends.  
  • Share popular videos from other pages to garner engagement. This is key to curating content!
  • Start using Facebook live on a weekly basis. Live videos (on Facebook and on Instagram) will continue to grow in their importance.
  • Quality over quantity! No fluff posts to fill up your calendar.
  • Facebook ads are now even more important. They can provide you great value for very little cost. Your marketing budget should include money for Facebook ads.

One other tip to leave you with – encourage your audience to select “See first” when they follow your page. It is worth sharing graphics, videos etc. to do this.


We look forward to watching these changes on Facebook evolve. The truth is, Facebook (and social media in general) is constantly evolving. This is just one of their bigger shifts. Watch our Facebook live here as we discuss this more.

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