Why Freebies Are a Good Thing


By: Rebecca Teaff 

It’s hard to believe that February has flown by. On the personal side, I am still loving my Cultivate What Matters Power Sheets (to readdress my monthly goals. At Redstart we have been hard at work on new projects that kicked off the year as well as writing and piloting our new GetStarted Marketing series. I have also spoken at one Lunch and Learn and have one more this week. It’s been busy, but so much fun.

I love to write and share content about marketing, strategy and design. We have blogs that share how to do what we do, I speak and share the same thing and we have free downloadable worksheets as well. Some people have asked me, “Do you really give away your knowledge free?”

Why do you give your content away for free?

Sharing and collaborating is in my DNA and comes naturally to me. And it feels good to connect and help others with writing or speaking.

In addition to just feeling good, sharing free content can be good for your organization:

1. Reviewing how you go about a process – such as website planning or writing content – helps you to refine your own process.

Inevitably, as you put together your thoughts, your system will become clearer. In addition, you will need to do research, which will help you stay current.

2. Sharing shows your knowledge and enthusiasm on the subject.

When I am speaking about branding I get so excited! I like to share and help others learn about these topics. Simply put, it shows I know what I’m talking about.

3. It starts a conversation.

When you put information out there to your audience, questions come back, and the conversation continues within your organization and within the industry.

4. You make what you do accessible and understandable to your potential clients.

When you share, it can lead to potential collaborations, new relationships and even future business. I love to demystify marketing, design and digital marketing.

5. Last but not least, sharing relevant content on your website is great for your SEO.

When you are blogging about topics that people want (aka Google), they will find you.

All of this being said, what would you like me to share next? 

Drop me an email and let me know!