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Community Legal Services (CLS)

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Community Legal Services (CLS) (formerly known as Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County) is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free high-quality legal services to individuals. With an expanded geographic footprint and a growing list of services, CLS recognized the need for a rebranding initiative to better represent its mission and reach.


The existing name, Community Legal Services of Prince George’s County, no longeraccurately reflects the organization’s scope, as it now serves multiple counties beyondPrince George’s County. Additionally, there was a lack of visual cohesion in marketingmaterials, outdated website content, and misconceptions among stakeholders aboutCLS’s services and eligibility criteria.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive strategy was developed by the Redstart team:


a new brand message, brand name, and visual identity that reflects CLS’s expanded reach and services.


visual cohesion across marketing channels.


misconceptions about CLS’s services and eligibility criteria.


community engagement and strengthen relationships with funders, legal practitioners, volunteer attorneys, and partner organizations.

our Process

● Conducted thorough interviews with internal and external stakeholders to

understand CLS’s values, goals, and challenges.

● Conducted a SWOT analysis to assess CLS’s current brand positioning and

identify areas for improvement.

● Audited existing marketing activities, including social media, website, and

outreach collateral, to identify gaps and opportunities.

● Developed a comprehensive report outlining recommendations for CLS’s new

brand name, strategy and messaging.

● Collaborated with CLS stakeholders to refine the brand message and visual


● Created brand guidelines and a stationery set, including a revised logo,

letterhead, envelope, and business cards.

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The Results

● Enhanced Brand Identity: CLS now has a clear and unified brand message that accurately reflects its mission and values.

● Improved Visual Cohesion: Marketing materials and online presence now exhibit consistent branding elements, facilitating immediate brand recognition.

● Increased Community Engagement: CLS has strengthened relationships with stakeholders, including funders, legal practitioners, volunteer attorneys, and partner organizations.

● Greater Awareness: The rebranding initiative has increased awareness of CLS’s services and eligibility criteria, addressing misconceptions among stakeholders and the public.

By undergoing this rebranding initiative, CLS has positioned itself for continued growth and impact in the communities it serves, ensuring equitable access to justice for all.


1. Brand Messaging: Developed new messaging to highlight CLS’s commitment to

providing free, high-quality legal representation and connecting individuals with community resources.

2. Visual Identity: Designed a cohesive visual identity, including brand guidelines, to ensure consistency across marketing channels.

3. Revised logo, letterhead, envelope, and business cards.

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