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Women’s Housing Coalition

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Women’s Housing Coalition (WHC) is committed to providing permanent, affordable, and serviceenriched housing. Our tailored services, including case management, resident advocacy, and life skills training, empower formerly homeless individuals and families to achieve lasting social and financial stability.


Women’s Housing Coalition, integral to the city of Baltimore, sought help highlighting their unique services. After years of successful collaboration on communication and design with Redstart Creative, they enlisted assistance in crafting a compelling social media presence. We eagerly embraced this challenge.


To address these challenges, a comprehensive strategy was developed by the Redstart team:


the brand in a competitive non-profit sector, where organizations compete for vital donor dollars and support.


with WHC community and donors by leveraging social media as a dynamic platform to share real-time stories about residents and address their specific needs.


how WHC is seizing new opportunities for brand development.

our Process

We pinpointed four key content categories

for WHC’s social media: 1) narratives of Baltimore’s homeless women and children, 2) actionable appeals to volunteers and donors, 3) family impact awareness, and 4) behind-thescenes glimpses of WHC staff.

We suggested leveraging Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the WHC blog

as strategic social media channels to maximize engagement and outreach with WHC’s target audience effectively.

We advised the implementation of a monthly e-newsletter

as a crucial strategy to consistently engage and connect with WHC’s audience, fostering stronger communication and community involvement.
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The Results

Since taking over their social media management, Redstart Creative has helped Women’s Housing Coalition expand their reach and develop a more engaged audience. Since October 2016, our efforts have yielded these results:


21% Increase in page “Likes”

57% Increase in post “Reach”


275% Increase in followers

561 monthly engagement


Redstart introduced a Social Media Management package which included:

  1. Original content for 2 Facebook and 4 Instagram posts per week
  2. Streamlined management, encompassing scheduling and comment responses.
  3. Graphic creation as needed.
  4. A graphic template for the monthly e-newsletter.
  5. 2 monthly blog posts.

The enhanced channels enable WHC to establish a supportive network, fostering connections both online and in person among staff, residents, volunteers, and donors.

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