Our “Why”

Redstart Creative is rooted in a commitment to making a positive impact. We exist to elevate non-profit organizations that empower the communities and voices of the individuals and communities they serve.

Behind every non-profit lies a compelling story of purpose, a narrative of change, and a vision for a better world. We honor the importance of these stories and expand them into compelling messages that resonate with your organization’s distinct audience. 

Dedicated to fostering positive change, we aid non-profits in amplifying visibility, connecting with clients and donors through tailored messaging and marketing. Our in-house team of strategists, content, digital, and design experts cater to non-profit needs, ensuring each project aligns with outcomes, timelines, and budgets. Recognizing the challenges non-profits face, we collaborate to achieve impactful goals. 

We are not merely a marketing agency, we are your partners committed to fostering positive change.

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Who We Serve

Maryland’s extensive network of 30,880 public-serving non-profits, contributing nearly $60 billion in revenue and supporting over 280,000 jobs, plays a crucial role in the state’s workforce, representing nearly 13% of non-government workers. Across the Mid-Atlantic region, non-profits are integral in every county and city, addressing diverse needs from the most populous, Montgomery County, Maryland, with 6,322 registered non-profits, to the least populous, Manassas Park City, Virginia, with 8 registered nonprofits.

Amidst challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic, nonprofits have faced heightened demand, particularly in the areas of Human Services (22%), Education (16%), and Societal Benefit (17%). Despite their critical contributions, 66% of regional 501(c)(3)s operate with revenues of less than $25,000, constraining essential resources needed for boosting engagement and visibility for mission-driven causes. This leaves non-profit staff overworked, underpaid, and lacking the funds for an in-house marketing team.

Redstart Creative steps in as a solution, tailoring plans for projects of any size, offering support in content strategy, digital marketing, graphic design, and more. By alleviating constraints and boosting engagement, we empower non-profits to make a lasting impact.