Case Study

20 Degrees


20 Degrees is a team of innovative, irreverent optimists changing the culture of philanthropy and the business of childcare. The team brings a background in financial management, planning, and organizational leadership, coupled with experience in the nonprofit and early childhood education spaces. Dedicated to assisting organizations, they focus on helping them generate their own revenue, gain access to new capital, and define their own destinies.


Faced with the need to strengthen brand awareness and visual presence, 20 Degrees sought solutions for messaging and outreach challenges. The goal was to create a website that would ensure an excellent user experience for nonprofits and social enterprises searching for services, as well as childcare providers and educators who typically have entirely different needs. The vision was to depart from conventional corporate spaces and cultivate an online presence that aligns seamlessly with the team’s ethos and the diverse community they serve.


an immersive yet streamlined user experience with interactive elements and dynamic content to reflect the diverse and impactful programs offered by 20 Degrees.


impact through storytelling by strategically placing client success stories on the landing page.


accessibility through a user-friendly sitemap tailored to the diverse needs of nonprofit leaders, philanthropists, childcare providers, and educators.

our Process

To achieve 20 Degrees' website development goals, Redstart Creative:

  1. Expanded color palette, and developed a wider range of options for engaging and interactive content. 
  2. Restructured the website layout to segment content based on audience groups, prioritizing the organization’s impact.
  3. Crafted a visually appealing and user-friendly website to improve accessibility for 20 Degrees’ diverse target audiences.


The Redstart Creative team provided a range of solutions and products, including:

    • Messaging/Branding Report and Presentation
    • Website Planning
    • Website Design
    • Training Session for 20 Degrees staff to navigate and update the site
    • Ongoing Maintenance
    • Hosting
20deg logo white
20Degrees website displayed on a laptop and tablet

The Results

Redstart’s strategic approach successfully transformed 20 Degrees’ online presence. Overcoming challenges related to audience separation, the revamped website now effectively conveys the organization’s vibrancy, as well as impact. With an enhanced user experience, a streamlined sitemap, and elevated branding, the platform now serves as a dynamic and inclusive hub for nonprofit leaders, philanthropic organizations, childcare providers, and educators.

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