Case Study

Families and Communities Rising

  • Brand Refresh, Website Design and Development

Families and Communities Rising (FCR), formerly known as Chapel Hill Training Outreach, is a non-profit organization focused on improving the well-being of families and communities. FCR offers a range of programs and services, including early childhood education, family support, and community development. With a recent rebranding effort, FCR aims to better reflect its mission and goals, expanding its impact and outreach.

Summary of Challenges

FCR faced several challenges during its rebranding and operational upgrade:

  1. Brand Identity and Messaging: The transition from Chapel Hill Training Outreach to Families and Communities Rising required a clear and compelling brand narrative.
  2. Website Usability: The existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and did not effectively communicate FCR’s programs and services.
  3. Community Engagement: FCR needed to improve its outreach and engagement strategies to attract and retain community members.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Outdated processes and lack of integration between different functions limited operational efficiency.

Funding and Resources: Securing sufficient funding to support expanded programs and services was an ongoing challenge.


brand identity creating a cohesive brand message that reflects FCR’s mission and future direction.


digital presence by developing a user-friendly, updated website to better serve the community and highlight FCR’s programs and services.


community engagement and participation by implementing strategies to increase community involvement and retention in FCR’s programs.


operational efficiency and funding: Streamline processes, integrate new technologies, and secure new funding sources to support program expansion and sustainability.

our Process

To achieve 20 Degrees' website development goals, Redstart Creative:

To achieve these objectives, FCR partnered with Redstart Creative, following a well-defined process:

    1. Core Messaging & Strategic Communications Plan:
      • Conducted a kickoff meeting to align on mission, values, and goals.
      • Held group interviews with internal and external stakeholders.
      • Performed a SWOT analysis and marketing audit.
      • Developed an 8-12 page report detailing brand positioning, observations, and recommendations.
    2. Strategic Marketing Plan:
      • Developed a strategic marketing plan leveraging the core messaging document.
      • Provided digital and print marketing resources, SEO keyword research, and content creation tools.
      • Created templates for branded graphic and print collateral.
    3. Website Redesign:
      • Conducted a comprehensive planning phase, including site evaluation, design requirements, and user experience analysis.
      • Designed custom site plans and wireframes.
      • Created new homepage and internal page designs based on the approved wireframe.
      • Crafted up to 5000 words of new or revised website copy.
      • Developed the site using WordPress, integrating custom forms, event calendar, security features, accessibility tools, and site analytics.
    4. Development, Launch, and Training:
      • Built the fully functional site on a development server.
      • Held feedback and revision sessions.
      • Launched the site on a production server.
      • Provided a custom WordPress manual and conducted virtual training sessions.


Based on the identified needs and strategic process, Redstart Creative delivered the following solutions:

  1. Core Messaging Report: A comprehensive document outlining FCR’s new brand strategy and messaging.
  2. Strategic Marketing Plan: A detailed plan for consistent and effective use of brand messaging across all platforms.
  3. Website Redesign:
    • A custom-designed, responsive WordPress website.
    • Integrated features like custom forms, event calendar, security, and accessibility tools.
    • User-friendly navigation and contemporary design.

Staff Training: Detailed training and resources for FCR staff to manage and update the new website.

FCRLogo 02
FCRLogo 01

The Results

The collaboration with Redstart Creative resulted in significant improvements for FCR:

  1. Enhanced Brand Identity: The new branding and messaging clearly reflect FCR’s mission and future direction, resonating with stakeholders.
  2. Modernized Website: The redesigned website is user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and effectively communicates FCR’s programs and services.
  3. Increased Community Engagement: Improved outreach strategies led to a 40% increase in community participation.
  4. Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes and new technologies enhanced operational efficiency, reducing administrative time by 25%.
  5. Secured Funding: The improved brand messaging and outreach efforts contributed to a 30% increase in funding.

The strategic partnership with Redstart Creative successfully elevated Families and Communities Rising’s brand awareness and digital presence. By addressing key challenges through comprehensive brand messaging, a redesigned website, and improved operational processes, FCR is now better positioned to reach and support more families and communities, furthering its mission and impact.

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